Basement Finishing – Cost of A Mistake

If you’re considering a basement finishing project, one thing you might be questioning right now is the benefits of a professional basement plan. In any major construction project, this is perceived as an absolute requirement. In fact, without professional plans stamped by a licensed architect and/or engineer, you’ll even be unable to get a permit! But with a basement finishing project, many homeowners think the size and complexity of the project doesn’t warrant construction plans.

Well, consider this…

Your basement finishing project will likely involve the efforts of 50+ individuals: you, your basement finishing contractor, his employees and subcontractors, designers, city officials, etc. Your vision for the finished project is paramount in importance to the vision of these other individuals. Yet without plans that can effectively communicate this vision, you run the risk of being horribly disappointed.

Basement Finishing Plans Save Costly Mistakes!

Another consideration is the cost of a mistake. Mistakes can and will happen in the course of a basement finishing project. A mistake obviously caused by the error or inadequacy of a contractor would be his responsibility. But a mistake that occurs due to ineffective communication will likely be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Finally (and you’ll love this), a basement finishing professional will have multiple tricks of the trade for hiding unsightly beams, pipes, posts, etc. that are always present in a basement. Making your basement look and feel like a part of the house (instead of a basement), is worth every penny.

Get Your Basement Finishing Plans for no Cost!

From the get-go, we decided that plans were an absolute must. A few homeowners didn’t want to pay for them. We felt the finished product and the need to reduce mistakes far outweighed the cost of professional plans, so we started including them for free. You need professional plans for your basement finishing project. See if your contractor will provide them for free. If not, consider paying for them yourself. The mistakes you’ll save will far outweigh the cost.

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