Basement Finishing Member Benefits

Springtime is prime-time for basement finishing. Its also prime time for those t.v. and radio ads for all sorts of “MEMBERS ONLY” wholesale warehouse. The concept of exclusive pricing for belonging to the club appeals to something in all of us.

When considering a basement finishing project, you might think the high-priced membership fee is finally worthwhile. After all, you’ll save so much in material costs for your basement finishing project right? Well, finish this article before plunking down any of your hard-earned cash.

What if you could get the same wholesale pricing without paying a huge membership fee? That would be kind of like having your cake and eating it too!

Wholesale Pricing for this – and Your Basement Finishing Project too!

Any basement finishing professional worth his salt should have wholesale, or even dealer accounts for any and all products you will need for your projects. Buying these products at 20-70% below retail means that the material costs for your project should be well below retail.

Additionally, a professional basement finishing contractor should get preferred pricing from his subcontractors too. In other words, XYZ Framing will give Professional Basement Finishing, Inc. a significantly lower carpentry price for your basement than he will give directly to you.

Any basement finishing pro committed to their customers should be concerned about providing exceptional value. Value is the combination of price, quality, and service. Quality and service are functions of good construction management. Price is heavily dependent on buying products correctly.

In our experience, a quality professional will save a homeowner as much as 30% on labor and materials, not to mention the additional value he can provide through quality and service. So before you buy that expensive membership and take on the headache of construction management yourself, consider the benefits that “membership” to a professional basement finishing contractor can provide.

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