Basement Finishing: More of a Good Thing

A photographer who shoots some of our projects recently made the comment that the bathrooms in our basement finishing projects always seemed so much bigger than other basement bathrooms.

At the time I didn’t know how to respond, but his comment was intriguing so I determined to discover the difference. At the time, a friend was looking for a house and asked me to look at a few with him to help him estimate fix-up costs. From being in these other basement bathrooms, I made a startling discovery!

The bathrooms in our basement finishing projects weren’t any bigger. It’s generally a challenge to work with the limited space in a basement, so increasing the size of the bathroom is hardly an option.

How Do Your Basement Finishing Efforts Make the Space Feel Larger?

The difference was the tile!

When larger tile started to become popular, I was instantly a fan. It used to be significantly more expensive too, but several years ago we developed a relationship with a vendor that offered multiple lines with almost no difference in cost between a 12×12 and an 18×18 tile. Because of this we included 18×18 tiles as the standard on every job.

Homeowners loved it because they could get a varied selection of larger tile without worrying about significant increases in price. The fewer grout lines were more comfortable on the feet and the larger tiles were visually appealing.

I should have known this, but the larger tiles made the space in the bathrooms feel larger too. It’s a huge benefit for almost any basement finishing project due to the limited space you likely have to work with.

Of course every situation is different, but check with your contractor to see if 18×18 floor tile is available for a similar price as 12×12. Many beautiful lines are available, some with matching 6×6 and 4×4 tiles for walls and countertops.

It’s your basement finishing it with bigger and better tile shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s what I call more of a good thing.

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