Basement Finishing: Warming to the Idea

One of the most common complaints in new construction is “dead spots” in the home; areas which heat and cool inadequately. You may find it no surprise that temperature control in your basement finishing project is just as important, and just as troublesome.

While many of these problems can be attributed to some of the limitations inherent to forced air heating (e.g. gas-fired furnace), the most common culprit is simply poor design.

Your home may already be pushing your furnace to the limit. Adding additional living space with a basement finishing project will only make matters worse, and might seriously affect the rest of the house.

A Furnace Analysis will Only Improve a Basement Finishing Project


Think about the absolute coldest night of the year… and the absolute hottest day of the year…

Now, imagine that your furnace or air conditioning is working only half as good as usual. If this is a grim prospect, then you need to do some homework before your basement finishing contractor starts your project.

What you need is a qualified professional who can check the capability of your current furnace and air conditioning units, then analyze what kind of impact your basement finishing efforts will have. He can then make recommendations that will ensure continued comfort in your home, PLUS comfort in your new basement.

While I can’t speak for every basement finishing contractor, this service should not cost much if anything. We provide this service at no additional charge to our customers because their comfort is a top priority.

If your current system is found to be deficient, the recommendations a qualified professional will make might be very simple and easy to implement. However, waiting until after your basement finishing efforts are complete could complicate things tremendously.

You will need to make the determination if this pre-basement finishing furnace analysis is important to you, but our bet is you’ll warm to the idea as soon as you hear about.

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