A Basement Finishing Wrinkle Blocking Follow-Up

Recently I wrote about the need for a wrinkle-blocking plan in your basement finishing project. And while this plan isn’t designed to get rid of any potential forehead wrinkles brought on by the stress of such a project, it could help eliminate that too!

Seriously though, the wrinkle-blocking plan we’re talking about here is the one that’s going to keep the carpet in your basement finishing project from developing unsightly wrinkles or bubbles in the future.

As previously discussed, a power-stretcher is the most important tool in installing carpet so that it won’t wrinkle in the future but it’s not the only important aspect of your wrinkle-blocking plan (see this previous article for more: Aurora Basement Finishing : A Wrinkle You Have To Think About ).

The power-stretcher is pointless if the tack strip holding your carpet in place isn’t strong and wide enough to hold the stretch that comes from a power-stretcher. Thus, strong, wide tack strip is the other vital component of a good basement finishing wrinkle-blocking plan.

Question #1: Ask your contractor what kind of tack strip will be used to hold the carpet for your basement finishing project. In my experience, there are two acceptable answers: Tri-Tack (1-1/2″ of strip) or two rows of 1″ strip (total of 2″ of strip).

Question #2: Ask your contractor how the tack strip is installed. The type of sub-floor you have is important. If the sub-floor is concrete in your basement, finishing it with carpet makes it more comfortable, but provides its own problem; the concrete nails in tack strip don’t always hold well. In this case, the answer you’re looking for from your contractor is that the tack strip will be glued and then nailed.

If you have a wood subfloor in your basement, finishing it will be easier. The nails in the tack strip hold much-better in wood, and it will be a bonus if your basement finishing contractor tells you that the tack strip has extra nails installed.

Carpet in Your Basement Finishing Project is More Prone to Wrinkles – Plan Now For a Beautiful Finish That Will Last

The real advantage that stronger and wider tack strip brings to the table is extra gripping power, and extra strength from pulling out of the sub-floor. This translates to sufficient grip and strength to hold the massive stretch applied by the power-stretcher during installation.

You’ll sleep well at night knowing that the wrinkle-blocking plan you employed during your basement finishing efforts will ensure a beautiful basement for years to come.

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