Basement Finishing: Make it Better

Remember those old BASF commercials? The ones that proudly announced: “At BASF, we don’t make a lot of the products you buy.” It got you thinking, why on earth would they tell me that. Then they finished: “We make a lot of the products you buy better.”

Well, when it comes basement finishing time, you aren’t going to make any of the products that you buy, but you can make sure the products you buy are better than the alternative.

One overlooked product that became a personal pet peeve of mine long ago is closet shelving. Wood was traditionally used for shelving, then for a while wire shelving was used, and now for the most part it’s back to wood shelving.

Well, for most basement finishing projects, shelving material is an afterthought. So contractors end up using the most basic particle board shelving material they can find. No one seems to care about the cheaper material until after it’s painted.

The Little Things Add Up to a Beautiful Basement Finishing Experience!

Particle board shelving is a low-density product with multiple chip pieces in it. The problem with it is the numerous pits that cover the rounded front edge. When painted, these pits suck in the paint leaving a rough, almost unfinished look.

Admittedly, early in the basement finishing business, we were using what everyone else was using. I never liked the finished product, and the comments from customers echoed my feelings about it.

We immediately switched to MDF shelving and the difference was dramatic! If you’ve ever worked with MDF, it paints beautifully. Not only did the painted shelves look 1,000% better, but our customers haven’t complained about their shelves since.

MDF shelves increase the cost of each closet by a few dollars. Even if it cost five times more we would still include them without any additional cost to the customer. They’re simply that much better. If BASF were in the basement finishing business, they’d be saying: “At BASF, we don’t make the closet shelves for your basement; we make the closet shelves for your basement better.”

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