Beware the Barn in Basement Finishing!

So what exactly does this comment have to do with basement finishing: Were you raised in a barn?!

At some point when you were growing up you undoubtedly left a mess somewhere in the house and ended up on the receiving end of this classic comment.  As a parent, you might have even found yourself dishing it out a time or two.

We’re all taught from a young age the importance of cleaning up our messes.  So how come your typical basement finishing contractor acts like he was, in fact, raised in a barn? 

Here’s a guess…

Based on past experience with armies of contractors, the ones who clean-up after themselves are the ones who care about quality, pay attention to detail in their work, and are concerned about the owner and his project.  Typically, a messy basement finishing contractor does sloppy work.

Daily clean-up was a part of this and every other basement finishing project we do.

While it isn’t true in every situation, cleanliness can be an indicator of what type of work you are likely to receive.  Daily clean-up of dust, debris, packaging, and unused materials should be mandatory on any basement finishing project. 

An increase in dust throughout the house is to be expected on any basement finishing project.  What you want is to minimize that dust as much as possible.  Daily clean-up will reduce the amount of dust that transfers to the rest of the house.  Additionally, debris in your basement finishing project increases the potential for you, a family member, or a visitor to get hurt.  Safety is a critical issue!

While this isn’t the only consideration when selecting a contractor to complete your basement finishing project, it should be an issue that you at least discuss.  When you call around for references, ask if the contractor made clean-up a daily habit, and stay away from the ones who were raised in a barn!

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