Confessions of a Basement Finisher

Does anyone else feel like the digital age is complicating things? About a year ago I determined to start using the “social internet media” to promote our basement finishing efforts here in Parker, Colorado.

The idea was to devote 30 to 60 minutes a day updating blogs, tweets, profiles, etc., and prove to the digital world that we deserved a high page ranking from Google and the likes on our popular keywords; finished basements, basements in Parker, Colorado, basement finishing, etc.

Famous question: “How did that work out for you?”

Truth is, we’re so persistently focused on taking care of our customers that we don’t take much time to find new ones. Referral business is great, and since we started it seems that every time we complete a basement or a kitchen remodel, we’d invariably get a referral from the job and the cycle would continue.

That cycle is great, but the problem is this notion I have in my head that it’s not enough. (I think they call it dissonance?) We do a great job for our customers and we could be doing more, not just for them, but for others too.

I love the idea of blogging because I see it as a tool to share information with the Parker community (and others) about building topics that are important to them. Not only basement finishing, kitchen remodels and the like, but keeping people updated on lawn maintenance, how to deal with an insurance adjuster when the tornado tears part of the roof off, and what the heck does U-value and SHGC on those vinyl windows really mean!?

It’s not January 1st anymore, but why don’t we call this a New Year’s resolution anyway. For 2010, I resolve to post at least one blog weekly (and yes, to update my tweets, profiles, etc. with at least the link to that blog) on this blog, and to keep it fresh with occasional pictures of basements, videos how-to’s, and maybe a podcast or two… and we’ll be starting this New Year’s resolution just a little later than usual… how about February 23rd (you see how I covered myself there?)

Building more…