As Economy Struggles: Now is the Perfect Time for Basement Refinishing

Many reader might find it hard to believe – but right now is the primetime for homeowners to consider Basement Refinishing.

That’s right, while the United States economy struggles basement remodeling projects are a buyer dream come true.

Here’s why:

After all, isn’t business struggling?

Benefit #1:

Professional, and highly experienced, tradesmen are more readily available.

Several years ago, it was often very difficult to get things done when you wanted them done, and done right. Every tradesman in the business had more work than they knew what to do with. Often, professionals in the remodeling business didn’t have time to work on smaller jobs, or projects that were important to you.

Things have now changed. Right now, there is a lot less work to go around. This means there are more contractors, available for our basement refinishing jobs – and they are just waiting fort he phone to ring.

Benefit #2:

There are more basement refinishing professional, and more skilled than ever,. Similarly, before the market slowed down there was so much work to be done, quality and craftsmanship were increasingly rare. Right now, with more time to get the job done, and with a realization that more contractors are ready to do the job right if they don’t, tradesmen are doing better work.

Benefit #3:

The actual labor cost for every basement remodeling projects is less, a lot less. This directly translates to lower costs to you, the customer (which I’m guessing you love too!). The reason for this is basic economics – with more skilled people in the labor pool chasing fewer jobs equals lower prices for work.

Benefit #4:

Generally speaking, the material used to complete your basement refinishing project have maintained steady pricing for the past  prices 3 years.

Normally, we expect at least an inflationary increase in prices every year (2-4%), and increases in oil prices will often drive material price increases well beyond yearly inflation rates. With the struggling economy, material manufacturers have done everything possible to keep material prices steady to remain competitive in the shrinking economy. This means consumers are paying 6-12% less for basement finishing materials today than they otherwise would be.

As with anything, we often need to step back from a situation to examine the effects and better understand where we need to go from here. In this way a recession is a good check on out-of-control prices and overpriced builders.

But the real silver lining in this is for homeowners.

If you are in the market for a basement finishing project right now, or other home remodeling project, project costs couldn’t will be better.

Increasingly we see signs that the economy is beginning to come back.

As this happens, expect material and labor pricing to recapture some of the increases they’ve held off for so long.

Finishing your basement will never be this affordable again… ever… period. If you were waiting for a special sign to start your project, this is it!

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