Efficient Design in Basement Finishing

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the canvas for your upcoming basement finishing project was completely blank?  With room enough to include everything you want in the basement, in the exact location and dimensions you want.

Unfortunately, very few homeowners have such a canvas.  Because of this, basement finishing is somewhat of an art.  The art of efficiently designing space to fit the canvas you’ve been given.

Even if your contractor is talented at design, it’s still advisable to hire an architect or designer who is proficient at space planning for basement finishing.

You will no doubt have your wish list: theater room, game room, wet bar, bathroom, bedroom, weight room, library, wine room, etc.

Which elements of your wish list will make the cut?  Which elements can be combined?

Do you need a separate theater room with elevated seating and a projector?  Or can you combine your family room and theater room?


Do you need a full-blown wet bar with seating for guests, or can it be placed in a niche off the main room with comfortable couches nearby?


Maybe you can forego the linen closet and use a dual-function window-seat/storage cabinet? 

Or create a wine rack in the bar instead of a full-blown wine closet?


Your basement finishing project will be unique to your tastes, desires, and space in which you have to build.  Identify your must-haves; if they can all be completed with the space you have then you’re in luck!  If not, consider sacrificing specialized rooms in favor of a more efficient design that will combine elements to get more of what you want.

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