Every Day Until It’s Done – The Basement Finishing Guarantee

Whether it’s basement finishing, kitchen remodeling, or home building, you’ve heard the horror stories!  Maybe you’ve even experienced one yourself! 

A contractor, hired for a basement finishing project, promises he’ll be done in two months, but then hardly ever shows up and the project takes six months instead of two.  A kitchen torn apart for a year instead of a month.

Let’s face it, contractors are known for chasing after the next job, before the last is even done.

Frankly, that kind of behavior is unacceptable!

We firmly believe that the customer deserves to be inconvenienced as little as possible during the basement finishing (remodeling) process.  This means that we should work effectively, efficiently, and DAILY until the job is done.

That’s why we’ll give you an exclusive guarantee that can’t be found anywhere else.  It’s called the “EVERY DAY UNTIL IT’S DONE GUARANTEE.”

Here’s one basement finishing project completed with this guarantee.  Are you ready for yours?

We guarantee that once the project begins we will be at your home getting things done at least five days a week, every single week, without exception, until the basement finishing is done. 

If we miss even one day while working on your project, we’ll provide you with airfare and 2 nights of accommodations in Las Vegas!  Don’t like Vegas?  We’ll send you somewhere else!

Anyone can tell you they’ll give your basement finishing project top priority.  We guarantee it!

Every day, until it’s done.

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