Quick & Easy Tip: Fresh Cabinet Look

While helping one of my best customers out with a partial kitchen remodel recently, they complained that their cabinets were starting to get a little old but they weren’t ready to replace them yet.

Without pausing to filter the first thing that came to mind, I blurted out something about needing to get rid of the ancient green glass in their corner cabinet.

As soon as I said it, I kind of went into a panic hoping that I hadn’t overstepped my bounds and been too blunt. Sometimes it’s easy to get attached to the things we have in our houses, and someone’s honest opinion may seem rude and unfeeling.

Fortunately, Dianne hadn’t liked the green glass in the corner cabinet for quite some time, so I was off the hook. Long story short, we ordered some very cool artisan replacement glass and for less than $100 instantly freshened up her kitchen.

Regardless of whether it is a $100 glass replacement, a $30,000 basement finish, a $75,000 kitchen remodel, or a $850,000 new home, one of my favorite things about working with my customers is helping them come up with creative and cost-effective ways to complete their project better.

For Dianne, it was a simple piece of glass that gave her a fresher look in her kitchen that will keep her happy for another few years. For someone else, it may be an integrated security, media, and electrical system so their new home is a safer, more efficient, and more comfortable place to be then their old home.

Whatever the situation may be, I’ve always felt that our resourcefulness is as important as our expertise when it comes to exceeding the expectations of our wonderful customers.

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